How to Create Viral Content in 05 Simple Steps?

Do you want to create awesome content that can go viral? Every blogger or writer must say, Yes, to this question. But the issue is, how?

We want to write articles like the pro so that our readers will follow our blog. However, we fail to influence the crowd. Apart from a content creator, I am an avid reader and analyzed that people love the uniqueness with the reason why we have broken the monotony.

To help beginners, I have mentioned five simple steps to create viral content-

Deliver Fresh & Unique Information

Always write something new and different that people love to read. It can be simple stats, analysis or your personal views and thoughts on a particular topic. Follow your competitors and analyse what they are offering and come up with a different concept.

Compose Appealing Heading

Embrace creativity in the title of the article. Make it simple yet attractive. According to a study of Outbrain, a title with 08 words had a 21% higher clickthrough rate than the regular title.

Include Images or Infographic

Images convey your thoughts clearly. It also holds the attention of readers and increases the time spent on the blog. So, never skip adding quality pictures or infographic, if you want to decrease the bounce rate.

Write Simple & Crisp

Readers of the current era like to read quality information. They don’t stick to a blog unless it gets something valuable information. Also, the content should be scannable. Provide sub-heading or give pointers to make your content easy and fast to read.

Evoke Curiosity

Evoke curiosity in your content by either asking a query or providing some quality tips. Include How, when, why, what. Following this will help you to induce an urge in your readers to continue reading. The other way to hold their attention is by establishing communication with readers. So, if want to increase the interest on readers then start including curiosity factor, now.

While creating a viral content piece, always consider your goals. Impress your readers rather than creating junk.

Happy Writing.!

Conclusion- Writing content may seem a simple task but it needs the creativity of a person to make it sharable. Follow the tips and improve your skills to create attractive content piece.