Live Life on Your Own Terms- 08 Simple Steps

Stressed life is mainly a result of selfless nature. Because, when you give your cent percent to someone or something then you expect a good return. However, you won’t get the expected. That’s may sound selfish, but sometimes to lead a happy life a bit of selfishness is necessary.

Live life on your own terms

It is not wrong if I say that all the deeds we have done for others include our own purpose because we need care, love, and respect. There is nothing that we have done so far is selfless. Behind the thought of helping someone has a thought of blessings or care or respect.

The truth is, we won’t accept it, and selfish people declare that they are doing things for their good. So, being selfish is not bad. It is good for a stress-free and healthy life. Being selfish is not about harming anyone or not helping anyone, it’s about declaring that we want something in return, it can be a little appreciation, care or love. But we do.

Isn’t it right? I know you will agree with this.

That’s why I suggest living life on your own terms, life as a selfish person. It does not only help you to grow but also help your dear ones. Puzzled?

Yes, it’s good for your loved ones.

Doing things what you like, brighten your smile, and your smiling face can light up someone’s day. Your happiness will be infectious if you are actually rejoicing your life.

Here are the simple steps you can take to avoid unnecessary worries and live life on your own terms

Give Priority to Your Happiness

Guy, always remember, nothing is more important than your happiness. If you are happy, then you can do anything. You can make other happy. But if you lack to satisfy your needs, then you lose every battle you fight. I have struggled a lot to get this fact, but yes, I do agree with it. Along with it start your day with these simple steps to make every day awesome.

Don’t Think Too Much  What Others Think

Life is yours, lead it with your thoughts, do what you want. Just ask a few questions from yourself, can anyone help if you fail? Who remains with you in your struggles? Did anyone ask you what they should do with their life?

So, why do you care what others are thinking?

I have known a few of my very close friends whom I have landed few bucks in their need. But you know what; they all ditch me in my troubled times. I am not saying all friends are same. But, some are, and precautions are always better than cure. Here are some motivational and inspiring quotes that help you to stay positive.

Never Expect

Expectations kill. Yes, they are. Never expect anything from other, do it by yourself. Relying on theirs also delays your things, and there are 99% chances that you won’t like the result. So, why expect?

No matter how good you are, people won’t understand your life and issues. They always want more and satisfying their expectations is like never ending job. So just be yourself and do what make you happy, not others.

Be Flexible to Change

Most of the times we face problems when we resist accepting the change. We should be flexible to accept the changes because the world is changing with every passing second. Technologies, believes, environment, peoples, everything is changing,

It is a universal truth that “with time everything changes.”

So, just evaporate your worries with dance and be acceptable to what destiny bring to you, don't run after what is not yours.

Mind Your Own Business

I have seen some people talk about other’s behavior, friends, personality, family, etc. And I am absolutely clueless why they do so, what’s the pleasure they get in talking about others. It is completely a waste of time and energy if you are doing the same. Stop it right now.

Save your energy and time. Be smart! Gossiping has nothing beneficial for you. It is a loser’s task.

Never be an Open Book

Everyone turns their back on an open book. People lose their interest if they get every bit of you. Sharing things is important but don’t let someone else be your boss by explaining everything about yourself. It is a critical thing that everyone should consider whether they are single or committed. Yes, not even your better half. Let others figure out what makes you special and more attractive.

 Never Give Up

Struggles are worthy; they teach you and help you to be a better and stronger than ever. I have faced several hurdles in my life, but every time, I get up and try to live again. There are a few times when I dropped all my hopes, but life never stops. It keeps on moving and hence, we should too.

I have recently listened to Steven Webb’s video @themovingroad. It is really inspiring. I think you should also check it.

Don’t Dwell on The Past

The Past is gone, and it will never return. Maybe it was important for you, but the hard truth is, you are with yourself. You have all new and fresh day to start again. Be positive, it won’t cost you but gives you several life-turning lessons. Life can be hard but get rid of the stressful memories and move on.

Now, you have the vision of your life, just take a cup of coffee and relax. Think what next to be done and do it.

Do you like my attempt? Please share your feeling whether good or bad. I will love to know your feedback about my writing. Also, share your view, I would love to add them. 

Thanks for Reading. 

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  1. I loved reading this so much, I always say this to my family and friends! Great job!

  2. Great Steps. I hadn't thought of your Never be an open book tip, but I can see now how useful it is.

    1. Yes, it is useful and everyone should bear that in mind. It's not necessary that your thoughts match with other person. They can use your information for their benefits.

  3. Unless your selfishness hurts others. I've always put others ahead of me all my life and my life has been miserable. I like your ideas

    1. Thanks Jo Shepherd. Yes, unless it won't hurt anyone.


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